About Us



About Us
Established in 2006 with the idea of adding a personal touch to the way people do business, Branders Dubai helps you spread the message that genuinely and uniquely reflects who you are in the simple, yet powerful, concept of a gift that establishes a direct connection and brings you closer to your customers. At Brandersonline, we believe that what you offer your customers is not a plain giveaway. This invokes remoteness or detachment. It’s not “yet another freebie;” it’s a gift by which your customers remember you and call you back for another business opportunity- which is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy or structure.  
With ten years of experience in the UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our team of creative designers will work with you every step of the way to materialize your ideas from concept, to search, to the final product, whether it be mobile phone or office accessories, calendars, apparel, award and recognition memorabilia, sport-themed items, insignia and emblems, computer accessories or high-quality pens. We understand the long-lasting impression a customized promotional item can leave in today’s world. Let us work with you to spread the story of your success.  
Our Approach 
At Branders, creativity is our way of doing business, operating at the heart of promotional marketing as an art and a powerful tool to realize your company objectives by reaching out to your targeted audiences as a first step, and then transforming them into loyal customers who will only turn to you for their next project. At Branders, we offer the world’s widest selection of optimized, custom-built promotional products which will serve both your short- and long-term plans, whether it be a full marketing promotional plan or promotional products on demand. 
What sets up apart from the rest of promotional merchandise companies, which are in the business only for sales purposes, is our knowledge that an effective promotional campaign starts with exceptional creative ideas- and we have an ocean of them. After we share our ideas, we will develop a plan to help you select the promotional items and solutions that will fall into place, complementing the details of your overall concept. Contact us for your next event, and we will show you how to draw attention and tap into the potential of promotional success.
 We offer timely, research-based, one-on-one service backed by the buying power of the world's leading promotional products. This unique combination allows us to provide you with a world of promotional options and on-target marketing solutions that deliver. Our professional approach is to promote your company in a clearly-defined method that includes: 
Ø  A complete evaluation of your targeted audience and marketing aims. 
Ø  Developing a theme and a detailed action plan. 
Ø  Cross-referencing with our database to determine what imprinted items that will best suit your plans. 
Ø  Pulling all the strings that ensure the success of your promotional plan from A to Z.
Our Passion  
Brander’s business model has been developed to promote business talents. We have passionate, highly-motivated team members who will combine their marketing expertise, a worldwide selection of promotional products and the sector’s best practices to give you the customized marketing solutions and the creative exposure you desire. Let's start with a chat about your company and your promotional needs. Call us on 971 55 708 8407.